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Studio Events

Fall 2022 Events


Stay Tuned -- Coming Soon!

What's a

A masterclass is an opportunity for students to receive additional instruction on pieces they've already learned, and gives them the chance to learn from other students as well in an informal group setting. 

Each student will play one piece for the group, and then the Master Instructor will give individual suggestions on how to improve and polish their work.

What's a

A recital gives students a chance to perform their songs for friends, family, and student peers. There is no critique or lesson elements. Instead, recitals are formal events held at the end of each semester.

Each student can play one or two selections they've completed over the past semester. Selections range from solos and duets to themed music and original compositions!


When possible, a variety of additional performances are scheduled during the semester. None are as formal as a recital, and usually there is some sort of fun element included.

These performances can range from playing for nursing home residents to playing background music at parties and other special events. Ask your teacher for more information!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should students participate in every event offered during the semester?

Each student is more than welcome at every event offered by the studio, but we understand that additional piano events do not always fit within each family's schedule. Therefore, we encourage students to participate in at least TWO EVENTS per semester.

  • How much does each event cost?

All event fees are included in the monthly lesson cost, so families can participate in as many or as few events as work with their schedule. No fees!

  • How do I sign up for each event?

Your teacher will discuss each event with your family before the sign up deadline passes (three weeks before the scheduled date) and they'll take it from there. All you have to do is let them know you want to participate and then show up!

  • How do I get ready for a performance?

Your teacher is your best asset in performance preparation. Everything from in-lesson performance simulations to checking in throughout the week to answer any questions, your teacher is there to prepare you for any studio or outside performance that you want to participate in. Have no fear!

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