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What to Expect from Lessons

Scales, Arpeggios, & Cadences

The building blocks of all piano music, a thorough study of scales, arpeggios, and cadences in every key equips students to tackle the most difficult music from composers in any style. For students who participate in school or church bands and orchestras, this enables them to sightread well and to use chords when playing by ear.


Our teachers not only help students learn challenging repertoire from a variety of composers, they also give them the tools to read and compose music on their own. Each student is constantly working through a theory textbook (no more than a few pages each week) to increase their knowledge of the way music works and enhance their comprehensive ability.


Every teacher in Noteworthy Piano Studio uses hymns as a teaching tool to build sight reading, quick thinking, and four-part playing abilities. No student is too young to start learning how to read music, and hymns are a tool that allows them to learn techniques which they can apply to every other song they wish to learn!

Broad Repertoire

We build in music from each time period in keyboard music history: Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionistic, and Contemporary. Students with a broad base are able to carry on their learning in any direction they choose, from concert pianist to church organist to jazz entertainer!


We strongly believe in rewarding hard work, and we do this both in lessons and in performances. In lessons we use a variety of candy and sticker rewards for different achievements, and each recital there are practice awards presented to the students who have worked the hardest over their semester.

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